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Oriental Rug Cleaning – Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Oriental Rug Cleaning, Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Your Oriental rug may have various types of stains, from food, beverage or pets, the oriental rug colors can run or bleed, or have structural damages. There is a certain approach and method we use for oriental rug cleaning on each of these problems . 

Rug Cleaning

Pet Urine on the Rug:

It is common for pets to have accidents on the rug, but if left untreated it can result in permanent damage or become a health risk. Urine will not simply remain on the oriental rug, but soaks through the fibers and backing, then soaks into the flooring. 

Odors can remain in the wood or stone until properly cleaned. As the urine evaporates, it leaves behind residue that contains various bacteria and odor causing enzymes. Over time, this can really build up, and basic cleaning cannot remove these smells. Furthermore, using aerosol sprays only mask the odor and will not remove it. 

Some signs to look for when considering pet stain and odor removal from an Oriental Rug:

First, pet urine requires being released and then removed correctly to fully eliminate the odor. Basic cleaning can leave the urine crystals behind. It may smell better at first, but as the odor causing residue is releasing from foot traffic it will come back.

Masking odors is common practice with endless “smell good” products available, but if the smell is still there was residue left after cleaning.

Trusting Green Rug Care to Remove Pet Stain and Odors in a Professionally Rug Cleaning Process:

Our guarantee at Green Rug Care is that the pet stain odor will be 100% removed for your oriental rug after a deep cleaning. We ensure all residue has been removed, which contains the odors you were smelling. When delivered back there will be no adding masking scents a as a “cover up”. 

If you’ve found your pet has relieved themselves on your rug, call Green Rug Care to schedule a free pickup to clean your oriental rug. The longer you wait to take action, the more the stain sets in and can cause permanent color damage. In addition, color run can occur in wool rugs. Fibers may be burned, or decompose if not taken care of quickly, requiring expensive repairs.

Needing a Professional Rug Cleaning?

Does your Oriental rug need a professional rug cleaning? Green Rug Care aims to ensure you have a healthy home while only using environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Call us today for a free evaluation and quote from a professional rug cleaner.

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