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Rug Repair and Restoration, Things You Should Know!

Rug Repair and Restoration.

Rug Repair

There are multiple methods for cleaning rugs, based on the problem and type. In addition to stains and odors, a rug may have structural damages and needs to be professionally repaired. Each problem will have a unique process of repairing a rug.

Below are Common Reasons for a Rug Repair and Restoration:

  • Tears
  • Fibers are worn
  • Decomposed or decaying fibers
  • Moth holes
  • Border damage
  • Unraveled fringe


Over time, fibers such as cotton, silk and wool will naturally break down, but if cleaned properly by an expert, your wool rug, cotton rug, even silk rug can have a long lifetime. Rugs collect various impurities from the environment, not just dirt and dust – similar to air filters. While vacuuming regularly is recommended to reduce these things, it cannot effectively provide a deep clean and grab dust particle that have got into the fibers. When exposed to typical moisture and humidity, dirt and dust become a goo.

If you’re unable to have a professional clean your rug prior to having a rug repair done, it is best to take it directly to the rug repair shop. It can be worse to improperly clean a rug than to leave it dirty. For instance, it is common for people to think soaking the rug in soap and hard water will help, others will use a circular tool for scrubbing it. However, this only causes permanent damage to the fibers.

My Rug Needs Repaired, Should I Clean It First?

Rugs repair
Professionally Rug Repairing at Green Rug Care

Generally, we recommend a proper rug cleaning before having it repaired. However, there are situations when it’s best not to. For instance, when the damaged part needs to be secured prior to cleaning like large cracks or tears. These will require stitching to ensure the rug fibers are protected and hold up during the cleaning process.

When rug fibers are decaying, it is a similar situation. The correct backing is used for your type of rug before cleaning to reduce future decomposition. Additionally, this technique is used for some antique rugs. Meanwhile, rugs that still have weak structures or fibers after cleaning and repair, a permanent backing is applied.

Additional benefits for cleaning prior to getting rug repair done:

  • Help prevent additional damages to surrounding region when the craftsman attempts to repair fragile fibers.
  • Rugs damaged by moths require treatment to eliminate all eggs laid by moths. Thus, a treatment and cleaning before repair is needed.
  • Help bring out original color of the rug, ensuring an exact match of tone and hues for the new repaired fibers. Dirt can greatly affect color of a rug, if repaired first the difference could be very noticeable after cleaning.

Green Rug Care, A Trusted Rug Cleaning & Repair Company

If you have an area or an antique rug that requires Rug Repair, Restorations or organic rug cleaning services, you’re in the right place. At Green Rug Care, we are dedicated to providing quality rug Repair and cleaning services while saving the planet by using chemical-free products. The first step to getting your rug professionally cleaned and repaired by the leading rug cleaning company is giving us a call at 1-844-544-RUGS.

Green Rug Care is offering services in in Texas, New Jersey, Utah, Connecticut and New York

Rug Cleaning And Repair Company
Rug Cleaning And Repair Company

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