4 Types of Area Rugs

Four Types of Area Rugs

Area rugs are a unit textile floor coverings that area unit used over another finished flooring surface. Area Rugs don’t extend wall to wall, they’re wont to anchor article of furniture (sofas and tables ought to be placed either utterly on the carpet or around it).

Area Rugs combine the colors of the space along, add accent and texture, outline an area, build a space more well-off as an area to sit down on the ground. they’re ideal companions for a hard-surface flooring. once placed on the wall may be used for ornamental functions.

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Oriental Rugs

The common use of the name Oriental rug is used as a generic label for nearly any kind of patterned pile rug. Genuine “Oriental rugs” come back from Asian country, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Turkey, a number of the southern territories of the previous state (like Azerbaijani Republic or Armenia), Balkan countries like Romania and Albania, and a few North African countries like Morocco and Egypt. they’re the foremost versatile in terms of decorating as a result of they mix extraordinarily well with a spread of style designs, from ancient to fashionable.

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Are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs made from the Balkans to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Kilims are often strictly ornamental or will perform as prayer rugs. modern kilims are well-liked floor-coverings in Western households. Kilims are made by tightly interweaving the warp and pick strands of the weave to provide a flat surface with no pile.



A super soft cut pile carpet with very long threads. smart for low traffic areas, as accents under tables, or in front of the TV or fireplace (they are nice for clean feet). rya rugs from Scandinavia are an excellent example.

Rya rugs are ancient Scandinavian wool rugs with a shag-like pile of 1–3 inches. they’re knotted, with every knot composed of three strands of wool, that allows the carpet to exhibit an upscale texture from all the various reminder color. The name originates from a village in the southwest Scandinavian country and should conjointly talk over with a breed of sheep whose wool is used to create rya rugs.

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Cut and Loop Rugs

This vogue incorporates each the high cut-pile and low loop-pile style. This style is sometimes created in 2 color styles to cover soiling footprints.

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Bottom line :

Among all area rugs, Oriental rugs and Kilim are more valuable and pricy. Also, These types of rug need more care for professional cleaning.

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