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Nowadays, nearly all people here like to have rugs in their various homes, but what about that beautiful piece that enhances the look of your room. The beautiful things we mean are RUG PADS. Have you ever even heard about it? If no, then this article will get you covered!

RUG pad is an item made to enhance and beautify not only your rug but your entire room as well. This piece is going to look great in any place and suit any furniture well. It comes in a different shade of color, size, just like you wanted. If you indeed want your rug to last longer, continue to look great, and to be safe to walk on, then a rug pad is quite essential. Below are the top four reasons.

  1. Rug Pad Makes Your Rug Easier To Keep Clean

A rug-pad provides a blockade between your RUG and the dust that accumulates on the floor. Dirt and dust penetrate the RUG and into the pad. Rug-pad is very porous, so it will absorb any spills that happen to the rug. It is easier to clean up the spill on the RUG because most of the spill is caught in the pad. And pads are easy to replace.

  1. Rug Pads Extend the Life of Your Rugs

Are you aware that RUG wears out from the base first? That is because the RUG is regularly crushed and rubbed against the floor when anyone walks on it. That is where a rug pad comes to play because it will cushion the rug and keep it looking good for longer than having the RUG on the floor only. We believe no one wants his or her new RUG to age ahead of time.

  1. Rug Pad Protects Your Rug from Mildew

A rug-pad allows air to flow around the RUG. It makes the RUG more breathable, which helps to prevent RUG from getting moldy. Rug-pad is especially essential in areas of the country that have a lot of humid weather.

Rug Pad

  1. Rug Pad Makes Your Rug Safer To Walk On

A right rug pad prevents slipping. If you choose a rug pad that has a grip, then you will see that it makes the rug much safer to walk on.  I believe no one would want anyone to slip on his or her RUG and taking a fall. Slippery floors such as hardwoods linoleum can create a severe fall hazard when a rug is put on them with no pad to grip the floor.



You have to ensure that the rug pad is the right size for your rug. It needs to be almost as big as the rug. A rug pad that is too small would not keep the RUG in place, and one that is too large is going to ruin the look of your RUG. Besides, you want to get a rug pad that is the right thickness. For thicker RUGS, you need a thinner rug pad. If your RUG is found on hardwood floors, the rug pad needs to be non-slip so you won’t have to worry about the rug moving and someone getting wound.


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