Rug cleaning, Pet stains removal



RUG and PETS are great to have in our home. The rug adds beauty and personality to our home and can transform the whole feel of the house while pets are excellent; only their stain is the issue. They provide us not only security but companionship as well. Despite great benefits, they can also leave our rug dirty and soiled and leave pet stains. When we see stains, especially pet stains on the RUG, we become unhappy and complacent and accept that weekly or monthly vacuuming is ample to keep our rug cleaners.

Rug Cleaning

Despite our attempts to vacuum, we are not getting all of the dirt and allergens out of our RUG. Indeed, it can be quite challenging to keep the rug clean. So having our RUG cleaned professionally is in the best interest of our RUG and our family’s health.

Rug cleaning done professionally not only makes our rug look better but also makes it last longer! Pet stains trapped in our RUG will break down the material and in the long run, destroy or discolor our rug. Contact Green Rug Care, a Professional Rug Cleaning Company and schedule a free pickup. Green Rug Care, a Professional Rug Cleaning Company has a reputation of getting the task done correctly without hidden or extra costs.

Pet Stains


Nowadays, there are many different types of rugs, and some attract and collect dirt, mites, and dust more quickly than others. Some rugs are especially bad about storing bacteria and dirt. It escalates more if you are in a home with kids or pets. Once these particles become stuck in your rug fibers, they can then cause allergies. Don’t worry, though, because professional rug cleaners are seasoned and experienced in determining what type you have and then applying the best approaches possible to get rid of all these health hazards.



Green Rug Care use many different techniques to clean rug depending on how dirty it is and its materials. Green Rug Care use filtered water to take out debris and dirt, while using organic solution and softeners. In Green Rug Care many methods are available to remove pet odors and stains, sanitize and disinfect, and treat and get rid of stains. The reasons our professionals can get them so much cleaner than you ever could with a DIY rental is because we use sophisticated, high-quality cleaning machinery and well-versed agents. Unlike store purchased cleaners, they are put in place to clean your rugs with fading the colors or damaging the fiber.

Commonly, we start by vacuuming your rugs professionally, and use an organic product treatment that will loosen debris and dirt for uncomplicated removal. Afterward, we will deep clean your rugs to deeply go through the fibers to the roots and take out all buildup located there.


Immediately your rug has been cleaned professionally, and you will be surprised at how fresh and new it looks. Besides, it will last for many years to come. You know that dirt in a rug will act like sandpaper removing the outer layer from rug fibers and setting stains. That will wear your RUG out long before it should! Having your RUGS cleaned routinely will prevent that from transpiring and keep your RUG looking new and fresh.

Rug Cleaning And Repair Company


We are a trusted rug cleaning company and specialist in cleaning and restoration of the rug. Green Rug Care members of staff have the training necessary to handle your RUG in a way that produces deep cleaning without harming its look and durability. We are not only certified, but we can prove it as well.  These features make us the safest company you can choose to clean and  your rug. We can also perform repairs that will restore your RUG to its natural condition without any extra or hidden charges. Why don’t you contact us now!

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