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A wool rug needs a deep cleaning. Wool Rug Cleaning is needed at least thrice in a year and you should make it a priority to seek the service of a professional cleaning company with the expertise to clean and maintain your wool rug.  When this professional cleaning is complete, area rugs will look like new. You already know area rug cleaning is the most profitable place in the rug cleaning niche. For the ideal results in Oriental rug care, you should start by using professionals for your silk, or wool rug cleaning.


Wool rugs made of natural wool call for special attention in cleaning to extend area rugs life. Wool is widely known for being easily stained, but cleaning them with the help of professionals in the field is not that demanding. It is easier than their reputation would let you understand. Nothing is guaranteed to safeguard your wool area rugs from everything, although that would be good if you could. Among the essential things to clean wool area rugs is usual vacuuming with a good vacuum. Premium wool rugs will last for many years with regular care. Prevention is among essential aspects of care and maintenance for area rugs.


Advantages of  Wool Rugs

  • Wool is an excellent choice as far as water is concerned. Woolen rugs can fend off water and other liquids because the quality of the sheepskin floor covering does not allow fluids to be wrapped up. That is essential as far as cleaning goes. If someone accidentally drops some liquid on a woven rug, the spill does not soak in, and it can effortlessly be dabbed off. Look at a liquid spill to see the tiny drops of water clinging to the facade, but not soaking in.


  • Wool is an adorable piece that adapts itself to different uses. Since you can derive all kinds, from thick, bulky yarn, to delicate strands, lights, you can get rugs in all types of patter, design, and textures.


  • Wool rugs are somewhat resistant to fire. This piece will not flame up even if it does burn; nor will it melt. That means that safety is a big benefit one can get from purchasing woolen rugs, unlike rugs made from synthetic fibers. This kind of rugs can catch fire very easily and can set fire to other things as well. If a woolen flooring cover begins burning, the burning fire does not extend easily; just within a small area.


  • Woolen rugs offer an aesthetic advantage. It is not difficult to color; all forms of shades can be used. This material absorbs color efficiently and effectively, and the brightness does not steadily go away smoothly.


  • Wool resists dirt very well, and woolen rugs do not require routine care as synthetic ones always demanded. Also, static does not increase on yarn, so rugs made of this premium material can be used safely around fragile equipment that could get harmed by static. Wool rugs are great for sound insulation.


  • Wool’s other qualities also make it an excellent choice for every vintage-inspired person. It is springy and elastic, so it wears very well. Even when you step on it, the serration made will vanish, and it will come back to its original shape.


That is an extremely durable material, so rugs made from wool last for many years. Since it is so hard-wearing, woolen rugs are a good option for high traffic areas.


Wool does not only make the ideal material for decades of use but retains its appearance as well. So this wood rug still looks attractive when they have been used for a long time.

If you have an area or an antique rug that requires rug cleaning services, Green Rug Care is dedicated to provide quality rug cleaning services while saving the planet by using chemical-free products. The first step to getting your rug professionally cleaned by the leading rug cleaning company in Texas, New York, Connecticut  and New York is giving a call at 1-844-544-RUGS.

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