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 Area rugs are precious and a considerable investment for any person. When you invest your hard-earned money and time into choosing an item like this, you want to ensure its worth is maintained, remains beautiful, and is around for a long time.

Keeping your area rug clean is the best way for it to keep on looking good. They are very durable rugs but can be gotten rid of things such as food, bugs, dirt, and water. You can take preventative measures to ensure your expensive area rug does not get permanent damage.

Another way out is, do not lay it near any pipes and check potted plants regularly to ensure they are not leaking water onto your rug. Also, you need to have it treated for moths to prevent them from laying larvae that will eat the fibers. Check it always for disentanglement, infestations, and dirt. Rotate the rug and move furniture around. Do it this way will prevent it from wearing unevenly and bugs from making a home.

However, there are a lot of reasons why you should have rug cleaning done by a professional. You should never attempt area rug cleaning on your own or hire a wall to wall rug cleaner to do the job. Even though these options may sound good and cheaper at the time, they are the most unsafe choices you can make for your area rug.

In house cleaning leaves grit and dirt in the bottom of the area rug. The machine they use only saturates the top half of the area rug leaving the base dirty. An area rug will wear more rapidly due to dirt cutting into the pile. Dry rot and mildew can occur effortlessly with an in-home area rug cleaning. The area rug is left flat on the floor, which does not allow the base to dry fully. Doing it this way can reduce the life of your area rug and possibly even damage it. Soap left in the area rug will attract dirt at a quicker rate and lead to premature wear.

Green Rug Care

These are a few reasons why it is far better to have your area rug cleaned by a professional such as to do the trick in no time. This company will protect your valuable investment, so it remains intact and attractive. 1-844-544-RUGS


Why Is It Essential To Seek The Service Of A Professional?

With the rising number of DIY information on the internet likewise shows on television, many people are trying to repair or clean their area rug only to find it is not as easy as it looks on TV. Professional cleaning companies will have invested in the right machinery for the job and also in the proper training.

Having no experience and using machines which are not forgiving and can trigger extreme damage to your area rug. And lessen its lifespan by as much as 60% so it is reasonable to hire a company whose staff are fully qualified and trained in area rug cleaning. Doing it this way will ensure that the smallest amount of dirt is removed during the cleaning process and will, therefore, extend the life of your area rug.

Employing a rug cleaning professional to do the job will leave you with the perfect finish and may even end up saving you money. After all it would be a lot more expensive to attempt the task yourself, hire the machines, buy the other needed things, only to then have to seek the service of professionals in the field to redo the job afterward because you are not satisfied with the finish.

If you have an area or an antique rug that requires rug cleaning services, Green Rug Care is dedicated to provide quality rug cleaning services while saving the planet by using chemical-free products. The first step to getting your rug professionally cleaned by the leading rug cleaning company in Texas, New York, Connecticut  and New York is giving a call at 1-844-544-RUGS.

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